Wahkiakum Wohbot Wounhdup

Our purpose is to support the Wahkiakum Wohbot Wounhdup robotics tournament being hosted by Wahkiakum School District and Wahkiakum 4H on March 15, 2018.

WWW 2018 results were published in the Wahkiakum Eagle.  See the article here:


www flyer v3 feb 2018

And more photos and a few videos are on this page:


The tournament is being modified to reflect a more local flavor: Celebrate Wahkiakum STREAM.  We have some more events we want to add, some to remove, and we especially want to involve our younger citizens using the grant we received to bring robotics and coding to our elementary school.

Here is the proposed schedule of activities for WWW next week:
Thursday March 15 at Wahkiakum High School main gym
  • noon to 1:15, teams set up on their tables in the “pit area” ( this is one end of the gym with tables)
    • 12:30 to 1:15 – guests visit the pit area to learn about robots
  • 1:20 – welcome speeches –  Ryan McKay-Beach (Ryan is Master of Ceremonies, Ron will assist)
    • speakers: Stephanie Leitz (principal), Carrie Backman  (4H), others ???
  • 1:30 – run the three board events simultaneously:
    • sumo bots
    • line racers
    • drag racers
    • all three will probably be run as round-robin style events, with everyone running against everyone else. (unless more show up than are currently listed)
  • 2:30 – robot plays and any other pageantry
    • pit crews modify their robots for WalkUpAndKickEm
  • 3:00 – WalkUpAndKickEm
    • schedule TBA – depends on who all is ready at the time … we are expecting at least four teams, and there will likely be some “pick-up” teams formed when they all get there
  • 4:00 – awards
  • 4:15 – cleanup and go home (this will likely be a little later since something earlier will have taken longer than planned)

Individual robot awards will be given to each robot that performs the best in each event.

There are no teams for WWW this year.  Each participant is there as an individual, though groups may form on their own if they wish.

There is no cost to participate in WWW this year.

Events currently planned (if no one signs up for any one event by March 1, it will be dropped from the list) (Shaded in RED already have some sign-ups and will be run) :

Drag Racers

Line Racers

SumoBots (small) and SumoBots (large)

Air Slalom

Water Slalom

Water Demo


RUR ( NEW – a robot play, dance, or zoo,  using Robots as characters)

WalkUpAndKickEm –  ( NEW – a football-like game between teams using limited-ability smaller robots)

Scratchly Hatchlings ( NEW – Scratch-only or Scratch/WEDO demonstrations)